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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Novel Concept

OK, so for those of you following the posts about my novel, here's the post for you!

A few weeks ago, I set a deadline for myself to have the first third of my novel completed by November 5th (my vacation/honeymoon). Well, I did a sense. When I started rewriting the novel, I aimed for about 100 pages for the first of three parts in a 300 page novel. Now I hit the 100. Problem is this:

- the first 100 was supposed to be part one. Well, at page 100 I'm only about a third of the way through part one. Not a bad thing really since it turns this into a trilogy of three novels. But we'll see.

So my next goal is to finish part one by Dec 31st. That is...all 300 pages to a level that I think are publishable.

Then part 2 shall begin.

I used to be daunted by such a large task. No longer. This is a new age of Musing! I no longer fear! (...eep!) Ahem...

I'll post another time about my honeymoon with not THOSE kind of pics...(shakes head). You'll see.

Until next time! Muse on!

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Blogger Kira said...

Good luck on that deadline. I dropped over from the AW thread link...

7:05 p.m.

Blogger saratheobold73222309 said...

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3:44 p.m.


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