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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Alright, so I've been given until November 5 to finish the first third of my novel. That's a lot of time...maybe. Considering I've been working on the blasted thing for about 2 years in it's current form. I swear the Great Wall was built quicker. Rome? HA! If I was left in charge, I'd still be figuring out how if the Colesseum should be oval, or square. Meanwhile, in every part of the world, instead of saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" it would be "Rome? Are they still workin' on that thing? Where's my pizza?"

I've got the plot worked out and I know how it's set to go. So technically I've written the whole thing except one thing...I haven't. Laziness and procrastination are my only real excuses. I could go on all day but I don't wanna!!!! So, I've been given a deadline.

As of this moment, I've written and rewritten 40 pages since the beginning of the month. I figure there's another 70 to go. And...what date is it, Bearded-Monkey? The 12th? No problem. I think.

Anyway, you may notice the new addition on the sidebar. It's a link to a site about the book I'm going to be in. The graphics are courtesy of the friendly people at Absolutewrite Forums. And yes, I figured out how to add a link to pictures now. So my power spreads like a Roman aqueduct. Too soon to say Empire...but it's coming. Afterall, it wasn't built in a day.

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