Stories of Strength - An Anthology for Disaster Relief

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The End of the World as we know it

Read All 10. I especially like number 4 and 5. I can only imagine our entire species devoted actively to it's own self destruction. No quips from you environmentalists whining about global warming and super-hurricanes. This is how your REALLY get the job done.

My only disappointment in the list is how Pauly Shore is nowhere to be found.

Oh, yeah, and in other news on the exact same website. Could THIS be how the world ends? Can anyone say Cyberdyne Systems?

You decide. I shall muse on in my war bunker...

Monday, September 19, 2005


What be your .pirate name, matey?????? I be Iron Sam Flint: Lubber of treasures and tough as stone.

Ye better git a name fer it be Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Get thee started 'fore I swab thy poopdeck with your poopdeck!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Maddwriter published again!!!!!

Not to sound too full of myself but...where the heck else can I do this?

So I got another story accepted into an anthology where all proceeds will go towards the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The book is tentatively titled "Stories of Strength". The story that was accepted was called "The Old Man of Fundy".

I was hoping I'd have more time to brag about it in this post but I noticed the time and I've got to head out. The important up to date info on the project can be found at Stories of Strength.

Anyway. I'll keep updating this project as I find out more. Until next time, Muse on!!!!

Thar be a Storm on Yonder Horizon

So Hurricane Ophelia turned out to be (thankfully!) a dud. It was supposed to hit Saturday night (Sept 17) but as it got closer and closer it got weaker and weaker. So by the time it actually passed over the 'Fax, it wasn't anything more than a little spittle on the windsheild. And after Juan (the Hurricane not Valdez) a couple years ago, we prepared better by buying a new set of windshield wipers. At least they work. Unlike my old ones who seemed to HATE to touch my windshield. Also got matches and batteries but what good are they if you can't see anything while driving!!!! Tell me that!!!! It would probably look like some like this:

Image hosted by


But really it's my buddy Mat the week he was down for the Maddwriter's wedding. Or is it???? If I hadn't got new windshield wipers there'd be no way we'd know.

So, in other more recent news, the Maddwriter has written something that...what a sec this is so big it deserves it's own post...stay tuned...