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Monday, August 29, 2005

Lord of the Ring

This will be just a short message to those of you following along at home and keeping score. The Maddwriter now has a Mrs. As of Aug 27, 05 roughly 11:30ish AM, I took my first step down that wooded path full of pitfalls and acheivements called marriage to a great girl named Kathy. There's a full outline and possible future online pictures coming (as soon as I get them). But to give you all some highlights...a sample tray, if you are some teasers:

-"Live Long and Prosper": How did this phrase come into play in the ceremony itself?
-Did the Maddwriter survive the "Boot"?
-Did the teacup really get bought? Or was it left alone?
-Does Suzie REALLY exist? Or does she rank up there with the great myths of Nessie and the

All these and much more to come soon. Isn't that right Newton? That's right Herc!

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