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Friday, August 19, 2005

Just call me "Madd"

So P. Diddy has re-christened himself Diddy because he didn't want a little P to come between him and his fans. (Ok, Ok, I stole that joke from the Daily Show the other night but you gotta appreciate it's simplicity).
This reminds be of the days when Prince went through his phase of changing his name until he eventually went full circle (Or full Symbol) back to calling himself Prince again. Why? Because Prince finally realized that it's the different name that was getting between him and his Principles (my name of Prince fans pronounced "Prince-Eye-ples"). It's because he wasn't doing anything quality anymore.

Same deal with Diddy Combs. He hasn't been the same since the mid/late 90s before he started messing with his name. When he truly was Puff Daddy and not named after one of the Dwarves cut from Snow White. When he finally comes around and returns to the baby that brought him to the "Game", he'll realize that if he focused more on music instead of promotion he'll figure out that his music will become his promotion. Then again, if he doesn't come around, we may actually see the day when he just calls himself "Did". And, all in all, that would become the most apt name for him of all.

On to something near and dear to my heart: Time. Why is the US Government messing with time? As in Daylight Savings Time. They proposed and passed a law to extend Daylight Savings Time by two months (one month on each side just like two ass cheeks with the Real Savings Time for the rest of the World goes down the hole). They said it'll save energy. Who were the brain monkeys that developed this plan? Oh yeah...nevermind.

Anyway, their basis of doing this is that the extra hour during those two months will save energy because if we don't the terrorist win. Or so I've been brainwashed to believe by the US Government.

It's stupid. Yes, I know. And for their plan to work to save energy, they have to have all their neighbours (i.e. us) to follow suit. Glad they consulted everyone. It's like your roommate who all of a sudden decided to wear no clothes around the apartment. He's bigger than you and pays most of the rent and says if you don't get rid of your clothes you'll get kicked out. So either you take off your clothes to live in the cushy penthouse, or keep your clothes and never be able to make rent because naked guy doesn't want to play ball if you don't play ball. seemed clearer in my head...but you get my drift...

So until next time the Madd muses REAL time.

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