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Friday, August 05, 2005

Bloggy go BOOM!!!!

So Bloggy did manage to dumb down all that funky writing stuff about Harry Potter. But I'm a MADDwriter, dammit! I'm supposed to overwrite and say crazy stuff and promote books and things. I case you don't get a chance to read the comment here it is in all it's Blogginess:
now at the risk of being called a "muggle" , and a risk that is, jesus christ, am i the only one who sees this whole Harry Potter thing as crap? its a book people! I mean come on! its a book! $#$@!! a book! and a kids book at that , that is way too freakin long! I mean who wants to read 800 pages ??? hey vern, if i was reading something that long it better be the freakin Bible or the Qua'ran (sic). until it gets reviewed in MAXIM, count my interest as nil.

ahhh there.... dumbed down the Maddwriter blog, if only to further show my stupidity. but i dont care. its a %$@#%$@#!$!@ book!

-love, bloggy bloggenheimer

So I like Maxim as much as the next bloke (going all Englishy because I'm MADD!!! Tee-hee). And, true, Maxim has NEVER reviewed a JK Rowling book. And short of Hermione posing for the cover with the caption "Knows how to handle a good wand", I don't think it will ever happen. But I did manage to find a little something (thanks to those friendly people at Google) where Harry Potter takes on the Colonel from MASH in Maxim.

The Bible and Qua'ran? No comment except for this.

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Now something we can all relate too: Take it away, Stewie!

Maddwriter Has Left The Building...damn I lost my car keys...

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Anonymous bloggy blogenheimer said...

sweet. and you know, theres nothing google cant do ...

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