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Monday, August 29, 2005

Lord of the Ring

This will be just a short message to those of you following along at home and keeping score. The Maddwriter now has a Mrs. As of Aug 27, 05 roughly 11:30ish AM, I took my first step down that wooded path full of pitfalls and acheivements called marriage to a great girl named Kathy. There's a full outline and possible future online pictures coming (as soon as I get them). But to give you all some highlights...a sample tray, if you are some teasers:

-"Live Long and Prosper": How did this phrase come into play in the ceremony itself?
-Did the Maddwriter survive the "Boot"?
-Did the teacup really get bought? Or was it left alone?
-Does Suzie REALLY exist? Or does she rank up there with the great myths of Nessie and the

All these and much more to come soon. Isn't that right Newton? That's right Herc!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I got Worms!

So I've become an amateur programmer as of late because of so many things going wrong with my computer. Kind of like Macgyver but instead of duct tape to make a parachute, I use my laptop and some friendly work guys who are MUCH MUCH better than I at things like this.

You see, my forte is the arts. I like to write, I like to act, I like anything creative. But when someone f-ups my tool for creativity (i.e. My computer) the gloves are off bi-atch!

(Beware Geek Talk ahead)So the first problem arose about a week ago when I was locked out of my laptop by a MS security protocol asking for the product key for Windows. Normally, no problem but only this time the store that we bought it from didn't give us the code (found on the box) because they already set it up. And this was 5 years ago before this option was a gleam in Bill Gates apple eye. So, I figured that it would have to be in the laptop somewhere since it had to match against to something and I wasn't connected to the net. God Bless DOS. I googled how to find it and it was easy as pie. But that only worked for Windows 95/98/ME.

If you have a turn of the century computer, you'd be crapping virtual shit-burgers. So my newer computers I used a nifty program called Magical Jelly Bean. Presto! I got both.

So that was fixed. Then last night...I got a Worm. No not Dennis Rodman. Though that would tremendously improve my rebounding.

Called basically "Chode-F". I got infected while whoring around with MSN Messenger as that is where it passes through. So to those of you who have been online with me over the past week or so when I contracted this venereal virtual disease would want to sit up and take notes, this will cure your computer!!! Praise the Lord!!!

This worm: -puts a "backdoor" in your computer to get passwords, personal information, and your dirty underwear.
-blocks your computer from updating your friendly anti-virus program
-it infects every other computer your MSN (or other chat program) that is online with you while using it.
-Rewrites your online "HOSTS" program so you can never access any known security websites that will wipe the bastard out.
-Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

How do you know you got this worm: Do a file search on your computer checking EVERYTHING including hidden files for "svshosts". If it's there, you gotz it.

What to do: Whew! OK. Got a pen...I warned you...alright.

1. Bring up DOS prompt.
2. Find your HOSTS file. (Usually located in C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc)
3. Type in EDIT HOSTS. This will bring up everything in the Hosts Program.
4. Delete any entry found below LOCALHOSTS (there's an IP address next to it). Everything else below this one isn't necessary.
5. Hit ALT-F and SAVE.
6. Hit ALT-F again and EXIT.
7. Type EXIT in DOS prompt.
8. You're bitchin' machine will now access those pesky security websites this virus hates. Fo'shizzle.
9. Update your anti-virus software and inoculate. Then you straight, bay-bie!

That SOB is gone, gi-diddly, gone. Reboot and you're done.

Now go young uns, check to see if you got worms. Dr. Maddwriter has your prescription for what ails ya. Unless it's a completely different virus. Then I can't help you. You might want to talk to a techie guy. I just play one on the net.

Until next time, Musing to the Chapel...

Friday, August 19, 2005

Just call me "Madd"

So P. Diddy has re-christened himself Diddy because he didn't want a little P to come between him and his fans. (Ok, Ok, I stole that joke from the Daily Show the other night but you gotta appreciate it's simplicity).
This reminds be of the days when Prince went through his phase of changing his name until he eventually went full circle (Or full Symbol) back to calling himself Prince again. Why? Because Prince finally realized that it's the different name that was getting between him and his Principles (my name of Prince fans pronounced "Prince-Eye-ples"). It's because he wasn't doing anything quality anymore.

Same deal with Diddy Combs. He hasn't been the same since the mid/late 90s before he started messing with his name. When he truly was Puff Daddy and not named after one of the Dwarves cut from Snow White. When he finally comes around and returns to the baby that brought him to the "Game", he'll realize that if he focused more on music instead of promotion he'll figure out that his music will become his promotion. Then again, if he doesn't come around, we may actually see the day when he just calls himself "Did". And, all in all, that would become the most apt name for him of all.

On to something near and dear to my heart: Time. Why is the US Government messing with time? As in Daylight Savings Time. They proposed and passed a law to extend Daylight Savings Time by two months (one month on each side just like two ass cheeks with the Real Savings Time for the rest of the World goes down the hole). They said it'll save energy. Who were the brain monkeys that developed this plan? Oh yeah...nevermind.

Anyway, their basis of doing this is that the extra hour during those two months will save energy because if we don't the terrorist win. Or so I've been brainwashed to believe by the US Government.

It's stupid. Yes, I know. And for their plan to work to save energy, they have to have all their neighbours (i.e. us) to follow suit. Glad they consulted everyone. It's like your roommate who all of a sudden decided to wear no clothes around the apartment. He's bigger than you and pays most of the rent and says if you don't get rid of your clothes you'll get kicked out. So either you take off your clothes to live in the cushy penthouse, or keep your clothes and never be able to make rent because naked guy doesn't want to play ball if you don't play ball. seemed clearer in my head...but you get my drift...

So until next time the Madd muses REAL time.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Bloggy go BOOM!!!!

So Bloggy did manage to dumb down all that funky writing stuff about Harry Potter. But I'm a MADDwriter, dammit! I'm supposed to overwrite and say crazy stuff and promote books and things. I case you don't get a chance to read the comment here it is in all it's Blogginess:
now at the risk of being called a "muggle" , and a risk that is, jesus christ, am i the only one who sees this whole Harry Potter thing as crap? its a book people! I mean come on! its a book! $#$@!! a book! and a kids book at that , that is way too freakin long! I mean who wants to read 800 pages ??? hey vern, if i was reading something that long it better be the freakin Bible or the Qua'ran (sic). until it gets reviewed in MAXIM, count my interest as nil.

ahhh there.... dumbed down the Maddwriter blog, if only to further show my stupidity. but i dont care. its a %$@#%$@#!$!@ book!

-love, bloggy bloggenheimer

So I like Maxim as much as the next bloke (going all Englishy because I'm MADD!!! Tee-hee). And, true, Maxim has NEVER reviewed a JK Rowling book. And short of Hermione posing for the cover with the caption "Knows how to handle a good wand", I don't think it will ever happen. But I did manage to find a little something (thanks to those friendly people at Google) where Harry Potter takes on the Colonel from MASH in Maxim.

The Bible and Qua'ran? No comment except for this.

Image hosted by

Now something we can all relate too: Take it away, Stewie!

Maddwriter Has Left The Building...damn I lost my car keys...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Half-Blood Muse, I finished the book about a week ago. What book? This book. If any of you out there are Harry Potter fans...and I know that there may be out there...then you already know what I'm going to talk about and it doesn't really matter. The rest of you who haven't read the new book yet. Chances are 5:1 in Vegas that you're not going to or if you do, you won't really understand the full impact of this.

...Snape killed Dumbledore. I'm sorry, I'm sorry...hey, if you're freaking out about me telling you about who killed who (shadows of who killed Mr. Burns), then you really should put away your Pheonix feather wand and faux Maurader's Map and realize...'tis only a book. Granted, a very well written, excellent book or series of books which will, in my humbling opinion, go down as one of the greatest of all time. (Up there with, uh oh, Lord of the Rings, and Dark Tower series).

Anyway, there are countless theories out there recounting how Dumbledore is not dead and Snape being innocent. So I won't bore myself by posting them here. Just click the different coloured words and all shall be revealed.

All in all, in a nutshell, to tie it all up in a nice little bow, and any other cliche that could suffice, it is an excellent book. Do yourself a favour and read it. Then you will finally get all those little quips I made in the beginning. And maybe...just'll wish you could do a Forbidden Curse on me because I told you the ending. Then again, maybe I made it all made up...

Until then, the Maddwriter Magically Muses On!