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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Monthlies

The Maddwriter has been slightly more Madd lately in the volunteering bracket of life. Such a bracket looks like this () but a little more lifelike. Think: all of the reporters on Daily Show around Jon Stewart. If you thought of that, cool. You are now one of my minions. Bwah-ha-ha!

I would like to take a small moment writing about that terrible disaster as of late that I'm sure is on a lot of our minds. I'm talking about CNN. I know this is what the old timers call "old hat" but, how many times do they have to replay the same thing over again before it makes someone chronically depressed? They theorize, extrapolate, postulate, emulate, and copulate the hell out of anything they show. No wonder the media says that terrorism is on everyone's minds, THEY'RE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!!! (Is that in essence a form of terrorism by keeping it in the mind's eye?) ....and breathe....

So I've decided to volunteer for the Word on the Street for fun. Something to get me out of the house and rub elbows with other reclusive hermit-ey writers. Also, I've got a long term goal to be a part of the International Writers Festival sometime before I die. So, crossing my fingers that Ted Turner doesn't snipe me, I'll have a lot of time.
On top of that, I'm considering writing another online column bono. Unless someone pays...heck I'll even write about Pauly Shore for money. (Not to take away from this crazy thing...but it ain't givin' me the exposure...and just like a camera, I likes da exposure.)

Did I see any new movies you ask? Yeah. But it was only a Spielberg movie remaking a 1980's series remaking a 1970's movie remaking a 1930 radio show remaking a 1890's book. It was what it was: SUMMER BLOW UP STUFF MOVIE. It's basically Independance Day with Cruise in Will Smith's shoes and (spoiler alert...but not really since the story's been around for 120 freakin' years!!!) instead of a computer virus taking down the big alien ships, it's a real virus. How come everytime when aliens want to take over the world, and after they study and research our society, they are too stupid to notice something that could destroy them? Like the simple bacteria in WOTW. Like Windows 95 in ID4. Like water in Signs...WATER!!!! 75% of our planet is water. Man, imagine if the alien from "Aliens" had the technology of, oh, lets say the Borg, and they attacked tomorrow. We'd be assimulated quicker than you can say "G'N'R Reunion"...cuz' you know the end of the world is soon if that happens.

Anyway, time to get to bed. All you Muses out in Musia, sleep tight and have sweet dreams of a better time when Axl Rose wasn't so crazy. Maddwriter OUT!

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