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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

All The World's A Stage...

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There are few people in my life that I could credit with the moulding of my life. The man above possibly was the one who affected me the most. Sir Patrick Christopher-Carter (yes, you are a Sir...I don't need no bloody Queen to bestow that upon thee), professor of Dalhousie Theatre, creator of Shakespeare by the Sea, lifeblood of all that is theatre in Halifax, was the greatest of them all. He died on Monday, July 18 2005 from a stroke.

This will not be a eulogy of dictated by sadness or lost opportunities to let him know what he really meant to me. No, Mr. Christopher. I will not do that. Nor would you allow that. And I won't do that.

Yet, I don't know what else to do.

I know that I didn't grasp Shakespeare. I couldn't speak in iambic pentametre if I had you bopping me on the head on every stressed syllable. Shakespeare was your heart and your soul and now you'll be able to discuss his best works with him... aarrgh, it is so hard not to get sullen.

I know you beleived in every one of your students. That fact that you remembered me 7 years after I last seen or talked to you was a testament to that. I should've told you that day how proud I was on what I accomplished while on the road you turned me onto. Second City in Toronto, CBC TV (mostly extra work), and my writing which is just starting to take off. All of this was from the nurturing of your confidence. If I didn't get that audition my second year in Dal, I would've become a computer program. Probably infinitely richer but empty. And I'd be unhappy...damn, there I go again.

My most cherished memory (aw screw it Patrick, I'm gonna write what I wanna write. Whachyagonnado? Come back from the dead...please...) was on the night of the final party for our class in '98. You came up to me, grabbed me on each side of my head, kissed me on the nose (much to my startled surprise but that was your charm. The drama...the comedy), and said, "You're the quirkiest person I know. Don't change."

I haven't changed but I've tempered it. Quirks are good. Controlled quirks are better.

You shall forever be remembered in my writings Patrick. Immortalized within these words in a subtlety only known to me...and those who've known you.

For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come.
- William Shakespeare Hamlet

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