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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

All The World's A Stage...

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There are few people in my life that I could credit with the moulding of my life. The man above possibly was the one who affected me the most. Sir Patrick Christopher-Carter (yes, you are a Sir...I don't need no bloody Queen to bestow that upon thee), professor of Dalhousie Theatre, creator of Shakespeare by the Sea, lifeblood of all that is theatre in Halifax, was the greatest of them all. He died on Monday, July 18 2005 from a stroke.

This will not be a eulogy of dictated by sadness or lost opportunities to let him know what he really meant to me. No, Mr. Christopher. I will not do that. Nor would you allow that. And I won't do that.

Yet, I don't know what else to do.

I know that I didn't grasp Shakespeare. I couldn't speak in iambic pentametre if I had you bopping me on the head on every stressed syllable. Shakespeare was your heart and your soul and now you'll be able to discuss his best works with him... aarrgh, it is so hard not to get sullen.

I know you beleived in every one of your students. That fact that you remembered me 7 years after I last seen or talked to you was a testament to that. I should've told you that day how proud I was on what I accomplished while on the road you turned me onto. Second City in Toronto, CBC TV (mostly extra work), and my writing which is just starting to take off. All of this was from the nurturing of your confidence. If I didn't get that audition my second year in Dal, I would've become a computer program. Probably infinitely richer but empty. And I'd be unhappy...damn, there I go again.

My most cherished memory (aw screw it Patrick, I'm gonna write what I wanna write. Whachyagonnado? Come back from the dead...please...) was on the night of the final party for our class in '98. You came up to me, grabbed me on each side of my head, kissed me on the nose (much to my startled surprise but that was your charm. The drama...the comedy), and said, "You're the quirkiest person I know. Don't change."

I haven't changed but I've tempered it. Quirks are good. Controlled quirks are better.

You shall forever be remembered in my writings Patrick. Immortalized within these words in a subtlety only known to me...and those who've known you.

For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come.
- William Shakespeare Hamlet

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Musings in Disguise

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I don't know why I'm so excited about this but it seems El Speilbergo will be producing thenew Transformers movie. So here's my two cents on who should play a few of the roles:

Optimus - Keifer Sutherland. I'd enjoy the sheer possibility that at any moment, under that cool and collected exterior, Optimus could tear off Bumblebees arm and use it as a weapon against the enemy. Plus he's got the coolest voice this side of Samuel L. Jackson...speaking of...

Megatron - Samuel L. Jackson. This would be like the vocal equivalent to Boston vs. Yankees. And I'd think I'd be much cooler if Megatron quoted Bible verse before he pulled out a can of whoop-ass on the Autobots.

Bumblebee - Jason Alexander. Just neurotic enough. And he's shaped accordingly.

StarScream - Tom Cruise. The dude's gone nuts! He might as well channel that energy until he falls apart all together. He wouldn't do the original voice justice but when has an animated movie turned live action EVER done that.

Also, in a new character, I'd like to hear Stephen Hawkin do something. Heck, he's had an exoskeleton for years now. He's probably already saving the world!

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But rest assured I'm going to be following along with ...this movie on IMDB. Oh yes I am

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Maddwriter's Mugglings

Hello all (or none depending on the number of those involved in reading my cyber play toy),
I came across (quite accidentally) this web site that posts your computers ISP, program your using, server you're on, eye colour, and favourite character from 90210. Ok maybe not the last two but it's still pretty cool. Took a lot of trail and error. But the result is at the top of this page. Just refresh to see the wondernemity (?) of randomness.

Muse on, my friends, muse on.

And in case that the 90210 didn't hold you over for your 90's fix. Here's another
link to quench your thirst. One word: CHEESE!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Kicked tha Bucket

It worked gosh-be-darn! It worked! Now, if only there was a way to add pictures to that little side bar I gotz going on. I'd be all set.
Oh yeah, I submitted a story to Apex earlier today. It was "Famous Crate Jackson". Will see if this story becomes #2 in stories published. It says 30 days for a reply. Stay tuned all you fellow musers. Stay tuned.

Tryin' out tha Bucket

Hope this works as my first attempt at adding a picture to my musings.
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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Monthlies

The Maddwriter has been slightly more Madd lately in the volunteering bracket of life. Such a bracket looks like this () but a little more lifelike. Think: all of the reporters on Daily Show around Jon Stewart. If you thought of that, cool. You are now one of my minions. Bwah-ha-ha!

I would like to take a small moment writing about that terrible disaster as of late that I'm sure is on a lot of our minds. I'm talking about CNN. I know this is what the old timers call "old hat" but, how many times do they have to replay the same thing over again before it makes someone chronically depressed? They theorize, extrapolate, postulate, emulate, and copulate the hell out of anything they show. No wonder the media says that terrorism is on everyone's minds, THEY'RE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!!! (Is that in essence a form of terrorism by keeping it in the mind's eye?) ....and breathe....

So I've decided to volunteer for the Word on the Street for fun. Something to get me out of the house and rub elbows with other reclusive hermit-ey writers. Also, I've got a long term goal to be a part of the International Writers Festival sometime before I die. So, crossing my fingers that Ted Turner doesn't snipe me, I'll have a lot of time.
On top of that, I'm considering writing another online column bono. Unless someone pays...heck I'll even write about Pauly Shore for money. (Not to take away from this crazy thing...but it ain't givin' me the exposure...and just like a camera, I likes da exposure.)

Did I see any new movies you ask? Yeah. But it was only a Spielberg movie remaking a 1980's series remaking a 1970's movie remaking a 1930 radio show remaking a 1890's book. It was what it was: SUMMER BLOW UP STUFF MOVIE. It's basically Independance Day with Cruise in Will Smith's shoes and (spoiler alert...but not really since the story's been around for 120 freakin' years!!!) instead of a computer virus taking down the big alien ships, it's a real virus. How come everytime when aliens want to take over the world, and after they study and research our society, they are too stupid to notice something that could destroy them? Like the simple bacteria in WOTW. Like Windows 95 in ID4. Like water in Signs...WATER!!!! 75% of our planet is water. Man, imagine if the alien from "Aliens" had the technology of, oh, lets say the Borg, and they attacked tomorrow. We'd be assimulated quicker than you can say "G'N'R Reunion"...cuz' you know the end of the world is soon if that happens.

Anyway, time to get to bed. All you Muses out in Musia, sleep tight and have sweet dreams of a better time when Axl Rose wasn't so crazy. Maddwriter OUT!