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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Siskelmania 2005

It has recently come to my attention that I do a lot of movie reviews on this blog. That "siskel called" and "he wants his job back". Well, i did a search on the web and Gene Siskel is doing very well as a zombie. And I wish Mr. Siskel would've called me instead of this cryptically named "Anonymous" to voice his opinion. So I did a search on "Anonymous" and came across this site . I didn't think a quartet of women choir singers would've left the comment. Their album 11000 Virgins does seem intriguing.
Then I did a little more search and found this. I'm pretty sure I caught the bastard.

In any case, I've got some other stuff to do. So I gotcha now "Anonymous" and your little anonymous dog too. (Witch cackle).

Speaking of which, if you haven't checked out that video under my links called."Do You Beleive?"
really should. It's the best vid of that kind I've ever come across that was taped less than 2 weeks ago.

The Maddwriter must go eat otherwise my musing powers will deplete. Until next time, Musing OUT!

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Anonymous bloggy blogenheimer sr said...


buhhaaaaa..... i am the Phantom of the Blog.

for the record, i knew siskel was dead. ebert killed him with his own thumbs.


bloggy bloggenheimer

11:17 p.m.


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