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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ramblor: The Lord of the Ramb

Ok, lots to talk about. Lot of time past. So lets get right to it.


Ignore those foolish foolish critics who say this movie (Cinderella Man) lacks emotion and the boxing scenes are confusing. This is one of the best movies I've seen in the last 4 years, excluding the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. (I use the 90s Michael Jordan rule when placing this in if you asked any kid in the 90s who they're favourite basketball player was, they'd all say MJ. So the MJ rule is who's your fav player besides MJ? Same thing with Lord of the Rings. I'll argue with anyone who claims they've seen a better set of movies since the new millenium.) Bottom line. Spend the $7.50, $7.95, $8.95, $10, $15, $17 or $20 depending on times and location of the movie and go see it. You wont be disappointed unless you have no heart...and I know there's a few of you out there. Yeah, I'm talking to you...only kidding. I don't know you. Or if I do, I don't really know. I'm just guessing. Anyway, go see the flick.

The Longest Yard
Here's how out of the loop I am coming to sports movies...I had no clue this was a remake going in. I didn't get how people made one of those chuckles that you'd hear during an "in" joke when Burt Reynolds appeared on the screen as the coach. How was I supposed to know he was in the original playing the Adam Sandler role? Overall, I really liked this movie that I had no idea was a remake. Upon reading overly harsh reviews comparing it to the original, I didn't get how they couldn't see that it was a good movie. Probably the best Sandler movie since Happy Gilmore and Rock's best movie since CB4 (which begs the question why?). I wish reviewers would take the movie on it's own merit instead of comparing it to the original. We all know remakes usually don't compare to the originals but it doesn't mean they blow.
It's kinda like how I prefer the U2 version of Helter Skelter on the Joshua Tree the original Beatles version. It's all a matter of taste. But they both taste good...just different. That's what this version of Longest Yard would be like to the orignal, I assume. I intend on seeing the original someday.

As a side note, I am appalled and horrified by the overuse of the word "original". That in itself is not original. Maybe I'm subconsciously making a remake of the word "original" over and over again to make a point. Most likely, it's because...(insert your own reason here)

So since my last entry a few weeks ago, I wrote another 2 short stories. One called "The Famous Crate Jackson", and "Deja Vu". I'm happy with my progress. I just lack drive to market these stories to some mag who'd print them. I like the fun parts but not the work. Had the same problem in school. Some people call it procrastination. I don't know what that word means, so I call it lazy.

On a final note, DO NOT WATCH "ANCHORMAN" for the love of all that is dear and wonderful upon this world full of kitty-kats and banana splits and Fabio. This Will Ferrell abomination is the worst movie I've seen since "Very Bad Things" from circa 1998. Here's how bad it is: I didn't even have to pay to watch it since I borrowed it from the library and I considered it a waste of money. It sucked my will to live. How this guy became more successful than Joe Piscopo (check your mid 80s SNL trivia), I'll never know. I do dig his Harry Carry, the cow bell guy, Alex Trebek, and James Lipton. But, in movies, he's the same guy. That adult that tries to be funny but tries too hard then pretends he's a kid...hey, why are you looking at me? OK, ok, at least he's swung it (re:fooled everyone) into a lucrative career...but c'mon.

...that's all I gots....

Off to muse on. Lattah Skattah!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, your turning your blog sheet into a movie review page! "you've changed, it used to be about music man...about the music"

and adam, siskel called (from the grave), he wants his job back.....

the only thing keepin me going is your trashing of anchorman. christ that move found a way to suck and blow. no one has agreed with me on that yet. kudos to you...kudos.


Bloggy McGee

1:24 a.m.


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