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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Minute of Musings

Anyone else clue in to that it seems odd that the ozone layer is depleting over the poles where there's no significant pollution? Heat and pollution does rise. But why would it drift to the poles? If pollution was the cause of depletion, you'd assume the ozone would be gone over big cities and airports. So here's what I think. Santa Claus, in collaboration with those dastardly south pole Penguins, have created propaganda blaming everyone else in the world when they are the true culprits. I know for a fact Santa feeds his deer and elves beans and weiners. Heh-heh...fart joke.

That's been my minute. Musing on to lunch.

1 Musings:

Anonymous dizzle smiff said...

a fart joke on blog 3?

dude, what took so long?

and you havent ended any word to rhyme with "izzle".

its like your hearts just not in it...

blog on sweet 'Timer , blog on

11:20 p.m.


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