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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide to MaddWriting

I am a writer. Am I conventional? I'd say so but with my own little quirks. What writer doesn't have their oddities? In everyday life when a writer doesn't have a creative outlet, those quirks seep through. Not that this is all bad. Quirks are what makes the world interesting.
This post will be no different. So as promised, here's a little groundwork about me as influenced by the Hitchhiker's movie I saw last night. So let's see what the guide says about the Maddwriter.


MADDWRITER (mahd'rit-er)- Mostly creative. Or as much as he'd like to think so which, in his own mind, is very much so but, in reality, in range of creativeness is only slightly more so than a sea sponge (excluding Sponge Bob). As a footnote, Maddwriter's publishings can be found on the World Wide Web at (a short story that is longer than anticipated by the author) and (a journalization of an aspiring writer now ended due to the site discontinuing)

MADDWRITER'S MUSINGS (mahd'rit-ers mew-zings')- Hardly interesting. But from time to time does have important points to note. But these are few and far between and filled with many many tiresome cliches. Read with caution.

Now, I don't necessarily agree (hey there's a spell chekur on this thing!!!!) by the comments made by the Guide and I find I do get distracted by small things rather easily. But I have to accept the truth of both of those things. I guess that's why I'm writing this instead of working on my novel which has been 2 years in the making...more on that another time (and you will be hearing about it a lot).

So, until then the Maddwriter Muses on...

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