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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hiram of Words

It took an event of unparalleled courage for something to jump start my novel again. It reminded me of that Baz Larhman song about sunscreen where he sings (or talks prosically to music) about life. "Do at least one thing that scares you everyday." Well, today, I scared myself. I did something that I never did before. I entered my work's Queens Pageant. (In case you don't know, as I never disclosed it, but I'm a dude...excuse me while I let one go....aaaahhhhh, nothing feels so nice as whistlin' dixie down south...heh heh...where was I?). The pageant could be entered by either guys or gals. So, of courses, guys entered it to be funny. Let's rewind a tad...

...a couple weeks ago, I was feeling particularily under the weather. Around the time I started this blog, coincidence? I'm going to e-mail the Smoking Gun website after I'm done here. In the meantime, I got volunteered (is that a sign of some kind?) into being a part of this public display of humility. So, being a good sport, I did I'll fastforward again...

...(the dots mean passage of time in writer's terms) it turned out to be great fun. I make an ugly queen though. With my purple Marge Simpson wig and purple bed sheet wrapped around me, I did my best Dame Edna voice and won the crowd. Did I win? Who knows? Who cares? I do half the things in my life just to entertain myself. And short of heavy drugs and some crime that could ultimately throw my hairy pink ass in jail, I want to try everything once. Also, they'll announce the winner tomorrow.

...and this event that was a step or two outside my comfort zone has inspired me to jump back on my novel again. Risk is only as bad as you let it be.

Musing away in drag...till next time.

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