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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Fantastical Art of Rejection

About six months ago or so (time is as irrelevant as ketchup on a poutine...entirely not necessary and most times in the way), I got a rejection for this short story I wrote called The Fifth Gift. The tale itself was good but a plot outline isn't what I am going to go over here. In any case, the rejection letter was the standard photocopied fare with little check marks on what didn't work. Such rejections are fine. I don't mind. They are useful tools in knowing that at least someone read something of mine and honestly, if not half-heartedly, rejected it for their humble magazine. At least it was readable. BUT....
....there was an actual written comment at the bottom saying the only part they didn't like about it was that one of the plot hinges involving a coincidence where one main character kills another main character in an unlikely fashion only to be uncovered at the end of the story. Now, this coincidence was absolutely unlikely but not so much so considering that we're talking about a science fiction story here. I'm not here to vent, even though it sounds like so. The reason I'm bringing it up now is that I got a second rejection on the same story.
....again, the usual fare. But this one had another comment at the bottom that said "Thanks for the Interesting Read -- Good Luck!" So this tells me the story has merit. They did take 8 months to reply to me. The longer you wait for a rejection the closer it was to being published. To be honest, I had totally forgot about this mag.
I had a point on this diatribe but it has escaped me.
Oh yeah, rejections come, rejections go, but the story will always remain. It took a few rejections to get Sunny's Ball (see links) to get published. It'll take a few more before I get another one done. The bonus of it all is that I'm more persistent than your average Kenny after Rudy Huxtable.
Anyway, it's 2am on the east coast. So it's all the musings for now. Hope you enjoyed my quasi-rant and the 80's reference. Here's one last one: Gratuitous 80's Link

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