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Monday, May 23, 2005

Comedy of the Sith

So, another chapter of Star Wars has ended creating the necessary albeit shakey bridge between the old trilogy and the new trilogy. If all 6 movies are watched end to end, it still wont get that time of your life back after watching 6 movies end to end. Granted, I'm a bit of a Star Wars fan. More so of the original than the newer ones. For some reason, the new ones seemed to have this forced magic riding on the popularity of the elder. I can't quite put my lightsaber on it (not meant to sound dirty). Don't get me wrong, the new movies were still entertaining for what those are worth. But they didn't feel like an event like the Luke trilogy (Lord of the Rings felt special every time it came on screen).
The worst/unintentionally funny part had to be the horrible robotic acting of Darth Vader when he takes his first steps from Hannibal Lecter's rented trolley. Then the hilarious "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" when he learns that Amidala had died giving birth. I was expecting him to fall on his knees and cry "Why God Why?" Then I couldn't help but laugh when they showed the construction of the original Death Star. As cheesy (or as I shall now call Lucasy) dialogue as there was in the movie, I has honestly expecting Darth to do the quotation mark sign a la Dr. Evil.

On my summer movie ranking (oh yes this'll be a regular feature) that covers all movies I see released between the beginning of May until Labour Day, Star Wars:Revenge of the Sith is ranked 3.5 Snoop Doggs izzles out of 5.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

trashin new star wars? you are so out of the winnipeg Jedi order

well, i see it this way. I loved Ep #1 for podrace and darth maul and Qui-Gonn . Ep #2 for the great intro scenes to the point where they are chasing the bounty hunter around, then skip to the wicked ass arena droid vs. jedi scrap. #3 was the best script and acting yet. but no kick ass fight or action scene. general grievous wasnt a bad mutha, just a robot version of the lawn Tweety birds that have their arm spinning in the wind. the 2 great (nee awful)moments (and the reason for this blog ) were the frankenstein Vader "nooooooooooooooo!" and the twin sun uncle shot in tattoine in last 5 minutes just as a lucas "oh yeah, i do things in multiples. get a twin sun shot and a 'noooooooo' "

2 death stars
2 darths
2 twin sun shots
2 battles of empire vs woods creatures (ewoks and wookies)
3 jedis lose hands (luke,anakin,mace, and did dooku?)
a jillion "i have a bad feeling about this" 's

-basically though , it comes down to nostalgia. seeing SW new hope today with the 70's effects is hard to love, empire will always be the best SW ever, and jedi should have stopped before an ewok was brought to screen. I rank them this way:

clone wars
phantom menace
new hope- need the revised version
revenge of sith

until later, may the force be with you my young padewan writer

bloggy blogenheimer

(by the way, my sex life and nerd interests could be easily plotted showing a reverse correlation. one goes up, the other sinks. you take a guess on the whats what...)

8:40 p.m.


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