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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cohen's Chicago

So...tonight I get to see Chicago, which is the touring show in Toronto written by a guy from New York, in Halifax. Such an international show that I hope doesn't reek of Hollywoodisms that the movie brought about (that I enjoyed thoroughly). I hope it's the original Chicago not the decked out twinking blinding lights of closing time...closing time...closing time....(sorry I went all Leonard Cohen for a moment. It happens. As things do.)
We got some good seats as well. Front row...extreme right. So we'll see about 50% of the show excluding royalties that will be shipped to Bob Fosse, God rest his soul...actually, is he dead? I don't know. But the tickets were the right price. We'll be sitting right beside someone who would've paid 10 times we did. And I'm not even going to be dressed up.
Speaking of dressed up, I was voted at my work to take part in a pageant where I have to leave my masculinity at the powder room door and dress up as a "lady". Don't know if that was because I look pretty in pumps or I look so ugly I'm fuglee...or somewhere in between...lets say in the Peppermint Patty range. But so is the life of a crazy writer.
Which if you have read any of my stuff up to this point, I'm not as whacky (man, whacky sounds lame)....I'm not as kooky for kokoa, cruisin' for a bruisin' that's something else. Well, you get the idea. But I take my musings and stories quite seriously. This is a window for me to vent...or maybe it should be a vent to be my vent. I'll have to call my contractor.
So, I'm off to supper and then some high stepping Chicago gals. Until next time I'll muse on...

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