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Monday, May 23, 2005

Comedy of the Sith

So, another chapter of Star Wars has ended creating the necessary albeit shakey bridge between the old trilogy and the new trilogy. If all 6 movies are watched end to end, it still wont get that time of your life back after watching 6 movies end to end. Granted, I'm a bit of a Star Wars fan. More so of the original than the newer ones. For some reason, the new ones seemed to have this forced magic riding on the popularity of the elder. I can't quite put my lightsaber on it (not meant to sound dirty). Don't get me wrong, the new movies were still entertaining for what those are worth. But they didn't feel like an event like the Luke trilogy (Lord of the Rings felt special every time it came on screen).
The worst/unintentionally funny part had to be the horrible robotic acting of Darth Vader when he takes his first steps from Hannibal Lecter's rented trolley. Then the hilarious "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" when he learns that Amidala had died giving birth. I was expecting him to fall on his knees and cry "Why God Why?" Then I couldn't help but laugh when they showed the construction of the original Death Star. As cheesy (or as I shall now call Lucasy) dialogue as there was in the movie, I has honestly expecting Darth to do the quotation mark sign a la Dr. Evil.

On my summer movie ranking (oh yes this'll be a regular feature) that covers all movies I see released between the beginning of May until Labour Day, Star Wars:Revenge of the Sith is ranked 3.5 Snoop Doggs izzles out of 5.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hiram of Words

It took an event of unparalleled courage for something to jump start my novel again. It reminded me of that Baz Larhman song about sunscreen where he sings (or talks prosically to music) about life. "Do at least one thing that scares you everyday." Well, today, I scared myself. I did something that I never did before. I entered my work's Queens Pageant. (In case you don't know, as I never disclosed it, but I'm a dude...excuse me while I let one go....aaaahhhhh, nothing feels so nice as whistlin' dixie down south...heh heh...where was I?). The pageant could be entered by either guys or gals. So, of courses, guys entered it to be funny. Let's rewind a tad...

...a couple weeks ago, I was feeling particularily under the weather. Around the time I started this blog, coincidence? I'm going to e-mail the Smoking Gun website after I'm done here. In the meantime, I got volunteered (is that a sign of some kind?) into being a part of this public display of humility. So, being a good sport, I did I'll fastforward again...

...(the dots mean passage of time in writer's terms) it turned out to be great fun. I make an ugly queen though. With my purple Marge Simpson wig and purple bed sheet wrapped around me, I did my best Dame Edna voice and won the crowd. Did I win? Who knows? Who cares? I do half the things in my life just to entertain myself. And short of heavy drugs and some crime that could ultimately throw my hairy pink ass in jail, I want to try everything once. Also, they'll announce the winner tomorrow.

...and this event that was a step or two outside my comfort zone has inspired me to jump back on my novel again. Risk is only as bad as you let it be.

Musing away in drag...till next time.

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Fantastical Art of Rejection

About six months ago or so (time is as irrelevant as ketchup on a poutine...entirely not necessary and most times in the way), I got a rejection for this short story I wrote called The Fifth Gift. The tale itself was good but a plot outline isn't what I am going to go over here. In any case, the rejection letter was the standard photocopied fare with little check marks on what didn't work. Such rejections are fine. I don't mind. They are useful tools in knowing that at least someone read something of mine and honestly, if not half-heartedly, rejected it for their humble magazine. At least it was readable. BUT....
....there was an actual written comment at the bottom saying the only part they didn't like about it was that one of the plot hinges involving a coincidence where one main character kills another main character in an unlikely fashion only to be uncovered at the end of the story. Now, this coincidence was absolutely unlikely but not so much so considering that we're talking about a science fiction story here. I'm not here to vent, even though it sounds like so. The reason I'm bringing it up now is that I got a second rejection on the same story.
....again, the usual fare. But this one had another comment at the bottom that said "Thanks for the Interesting Read -- Good Luck!" So this tells me the story has merit. They did take 8 months to reply to me. The longer you wait for a rejection the closer it was to being published. To be honest, I had totally forgot about this mag.
I had a point on this diatribe but it has escaped me.
Oh yeah, rejections come, rejections go, but the story will always remain. It took a few rejections to get Sunny's Ball (see links) to get published. It'll take a few more before I get another one done. The bonus of it all is that I'm more persistent than your average Kenny after Rudy Huxtable.
Anyway, it's 2am on the east coast. So it's all the musings for now. Hope you enjoyed my quasi-rant and the 80's reference. Here's one last one: Gratuitous 80's Link

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quick Muse

I've decided to do a random link to my list of links. I won't tell you what it is but I'll randomly change it from time to time. Consider it my little gift to ya'll. If it weren't so late, I'd muse more. But I shall go anon.

Monday, May 09, 2005

A spot of tea and crumpets

So I'm working on my last short story called "The Famous Crate Jackson" doing a little research on the now defunct OK Cola (remember that?) and I came across a cool web site. Ever care to find out what your British Name would be?

My very British name is Damian Heath.
Take The Very British Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

That web site should pay me to have it included on my blog....hmmmmm... any way back to writing.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cohen's Chicago

So...tonight I get to see Chicago, which is the touring show in Toronto written by a guy from New York, in Halifax. Such an international show that I hope doesn't reek of Hollywoodisms that the movie brought about (that I enjoyed thoroughly). I hope it's the original Chicago not the decked out twinking blinding lights of closing time...closing time...closing time....(sorry I went all Leonard Cohen for a moment. It happens. As things do.)
We got some good seats as well. Front row...extreme right. So we'll see about 50% of the show excluding royalties that will be shipped to Bob Fosse, God rest his soul...actually, is he dead? I don't know. But the tickets were the right price. We'll be sitting right beside someone who would've paid 10 times we did. And I'm not even going to be dressed up.
Speaking of dressed up, I was voted at my work to take part in a pageant where I have to leave my masculinity at the powder room door and dress up as a "lady". Don't know if that was because I look pretty in pumps or I look so ugly I'm fuglee...or somewhere in between...lets say in the Peppermint Patty range. But so is the life of a crazy writer.
Which if you have read any of my stuff up to this point, I'm not as whacky (man, whacky sounds lame)....I'm not as kooky for kokoa, cruisin' for a bruisin' that's something else. Well, you get the idea. But I take my musings and stories quite seriously. This is a window for me to vent...or maybe it should be a vent to be my vent. I'll have to call my contractor.
So, I'm off to supper and then some high stepping Chicago gals. Until next time I'll muse on...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Minute of Musings

Anyone else clue in to that it seems odd that the ozone layer is depleting over the poles where there's no significant pollution? Heat and pollution does rise. But why would it drift to the poles? If pollution was the cause of depletion, you'd assume the ozone would be gone over big cities and airports. So here's what I think. Santa Claus, in collaboration with those dastardly south pole Penguins, have created propaganda blaming everyone else in the world when they are the true culprits. I know for a fact Santa feeds his deer and elves beans and weiners. Heh-heh...fart joke.

That's been my minute. Musing on to lunch.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Forgotten tid-bit

Short note on the movie "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy": pretty good. If you've read the books before, it's basically the first three of the series smushed into one 2 hour movie like a Hollywood-made S'more. If you haven't, you'll probably still like it. Just a word of advice. Don't go in expecting anything to make too much sense. That's the brilliant humour of Douglas Adams. Readers of his work already know this and are laughing at your confused looks!!!! Also, those same non-readers are looking at the readers laughing and shaking their heads thinking "I wonder if they've ever had a girlfriend/boyfriend".

Nuff said...

Hitchhiker's Guide to MaddWriting

I am a writer. Am I conventional? I'd say so but with my own little quirks. What writer doesn't have their oddities? In everyday life when a writer doesn't have a creative outlet, those quirks seep through. Not that this is all bad. Quirks are what makes the world interesting.
This post will be no different. So as promised, here's a little groundwork about me as influenced by the Hitchhiker's movie I saw last night. So let's see what the guide says about the Maddwriter.


MADDWRITER (mahd'rit-er)- Mostly creative. Or as much as he'd like to think so which, in his own mind, is very much so but, in reality, in range of creativeness is only slightly more so than a sea sponge (excluding Sponge Bob). As a footnote, Maddwriter's publishings can be found on the World Wide Web at (a short story that is longer than anticipated by the author) and (a journalization of an aspiring writer now ended due to the site discontinuing)

MADDWRITER'S MUSINGS (mahd'rit-ers mew-zings')- Hardly interesting. But from time to time does have important points to note. But these are few and far between and filled with many many tiresome cliches. Read with caution.

Now, I don't necessarily agree (hey there's a spell chekur on this thing!!!!) by the comments made by the Guide and I find I do get distracted by small things rather easily. But I have to accept the truth of both of those things. I guess that's why I'm writing this instead of working on my novel which has been 2 years in the making...more on that another time (and you will be hearing about it a lot).

So, until then the Maddwriter Muses on...