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Saturday, April 30, 2005

A-Musing Introduction

I'd like to be honest and say this is my first BLOG. But I know that through the generations of journaling on old fashion paper and my brief excursion into the cybernetic land of online columny (made that one up myself) that this should be child's play.
My intentions for this BLOG (should it be all capitalized like that) is to:
1. Figure out all the wonderful things I can do with this site and learn as I go. So there'll be some experimenting here until I get into some semblance of routine.
2. Keep my mind on the task of writing and a running tally on where I'm at in aspiring writer land.
3. Talk about random stuff whenever I feel like it because, IMO, everything can be used as writing fodder. (3a.AMENDMENT: No more online chat abbreviations like IMO or LOL unless I think their's my blog...under the wise direction and rules of BLOGGER.COM, of course.)
4. To write this for my enjoyment. If others get enjoyment out of it, I consider this a bonus. Kind of like finding the cherry in a fruit cup. Fruit cup is still good. But the cherry is better.

I'll share more about myself in my next entry. It's quite late. So until next time...the Maddwriter will muse on.

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